in collaboration with the Modernist Society

Pitching brand guidelines and sample spreads for an upcoming travel guide of modernist architecture around the globe. I have a real soft spot for modernist architecture so this project was an exciting way for me to learn more about it and collate interesting information in a meaningful way.

Edition: 1
Language: English
Character Set Encoding
Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1)
Date Submitted
Jan 2019

This was a live brief I completed during my third year of my degree.
Articles and photography provided by the client, but a bluesky approach and editorial design was required to create something that members and browsers will want to pick up.
This pitch was for the second edition of the publication. The client wanted this edition to reveal more about the content of the publication, so I used a stunning photo provided as a full bleed cover, keeping it simple with basic graphic furniture, consistent with my proposed branding.

PEZZO by Amber Denneny